I have always stood in reverence to any or from of education. Education is the manifestation of love and my most cherished possession. Education drives away ignorance and through illumination it emboldens a man a righteous thought and action. It empowers a woman and enlarges the horizon of her mind. It energizes a trust and enables a man to earn his living with respect and praise. Hence my love for it. BYCSM therefore is fruit of my labor and love.

            BYCSM carrying the torch of learning further ahead with added strength, course ware, and qualitative dissemination of knowledge, virtue and morality, into a state of perfect maturation may it become a brilliant morning star in the firmament of higher education, research and an unending contribution to man and his trust. I whole heartedly thank the parents who i their faith have been patronizing the initiatives in my institute.

Paritosh Chakraborty
Chairman, BYCSM, INDIA


 Bhartiya Yuva Computer Saksharata Mission (BYCSM) was established in the year 2012 with the aim to impart quality education to the young minds. Technological progress in the last few decades has helped to purge national barriers and create a global marketplace. Our objective is to develop confidence, self-motivation, research and problem solving skill sets and imbibe value education among our students. We give top priority to discipline and knowledge and the application of the same for societal progress and upliftment.

Our Institute aims at becoming a front runner in developing the next generation teaching and learning methods and to foster individual excellence and participation of our students in the full range of academic, spiritual, cultural, social and physical activities, and make them socially sensible all rounder’s.

Mr. Sagar Chakraborty  

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