mission vision



Our Mission

  • To bridge the gap between industry’s requirement & student’s skill set.
  • To rewrite the programs course content, such that it match the skilled personnel requirement of companies
  • To emerge as the global leader in offering industry specific training programs
  • To create a ready and skilled human resource for furthering industry’s interest

Our Vision

  • To impart employ-ability skills to students
  • To further not just academic programs but careers and student’s future
  • To bring into focus the application oriented  training
  • To provide right training for the right placement

Our Methodology

Our teaching methodology is very different and unique because of two main reasons. First, the programs we deliver are explicitly designed to help students in mastering the broad range of skills that is essential to become a creative professional. Secondly, we have a dedicated team of Teachers who all creating a teaching environment that is dynamic. We are continually working to improve our resources to help you with your studies.

Our Instructors

The best teacher is the one who teaches their students with their own experience rather than from a book. The faculty of our institute works on their best level in providing quality education and knowledge to our students, maintaining the policy of BYCSM. Every faculty member understands his/her personal responsibility to deliver the best possible education to the students. Our instructors are always ready to help their students not only in class rooms but also after completion of the courses when they start working in companies.

Quality Commitment

  • Inculcating discipline
  • Employing committed & skilled personnel
  • Promoting clear systems and procedures
  • Continuous improvement in teaching skills
  • Continuous upgrading in infrastructure
  • Planned operation

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